Digital Whiteboards

Does your company meeting room need a technological edge? We can supply you with digital whiteboards, from Samsung, InFocus, Genee, and Allsee Technologies with sizes starting at 40", we can supply exactly what suits your needs and budget.

Infocus jtouch Genee 4K

Infocus Jtouch and Genee 4K Interactive Digital Whiteboards

Dementia Day Clock and Ward Orientation Clock

The Day Clock can significantly help people living with dementia maintain their daily routine, reduce anxiety about the time of day and help them from missing key events. The Day Clock has been designed to help people living with Dementia or Alzheimer's. It features a simple and clear display showing the time of day as either morning, afternoon, evening or night, and is ideal for people living with dementia as they can lose the ability to distinguish between day or night. The Day Clock can also assist primary carers by ensuring a daily routine can be maintained. The Day Clock is ideal for use around a home, on a bedside table or a kitchen worktop.

The Ward Orientation Clock is like the Day Clock, however it has several features which makes it stand out. First and foremost the Ward Orientation Clock has multiple slides, it has an analogue clock face slide, the 'It's now Monday morning' slide, and a customisable location screen which can be used to allow patients to know where they are. The Ward Orientation Clock also features completely customisable slideshow sessions, e.g. to represents the different seasons. It has a 27" screen, along with the Ward clock computer, and a wall mounting bracket. It is already in use by multiple NHS Trust Wards.

Dementia Day Clock Ward Orientation Clock

Dementia Day Clock and Ward Orientation Clock